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Case Managment Programs

MCCAA's Case Management programs are funded through the Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG).

The goal of Case Management services is to help clients to identify and overcome the barriers that prevent economic self-sufficiency.

The Comprehensive Family Case Management Program is designed to assist low-income households in identifying and overcoming household barriers preventing economic self-sufficiency. Through the use of the IWIN service approach, the CFCM program will assist those households that are interested in making positive life changes in order to become more economically self- sufficient.

The Elderly and Disabled Services program is designed to meet the needs of the low-income elderly and disabled population in an effort to promote an independent living situation. The EDS program will utilize the IWIN service approach as an effective method of overcoming barriers that threaten the independent living situation.

Case Management program clients must meet CSBG eligibilty guidelines.

Help Middle Tennessee families achieve self-efficiency by investing in MCCAA.


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