Summer Time Magic

Summer is finally here! It seems like it took its own sweet time getting here, but it finally made it! Everyone likes different things about the summer. Some people like the sunshine, some people like the warm temperatures (ugh), and we all like the laid back attitude that seems to permeate everything.


Personally, I’m not a true summer person: I don’t like heat, due to my crazy hair riding with the windows down is out of the question, and I am not a “tanner”. The things I do enjoy are simple; the smell of summer rain and fresh cut grass, a big bowl of sweet, sweet watermelon, and the smell of the sun on my children's skin after a day at the pool. Another thing I love about summer is sitting out at the ball park on a warm summer night and laughing with my girlfriends (shout out to A.A and R.R) as we watch our daughters delight in “getting dirt on their butts” as they slide into home.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I attended training with the CSBG staff. The professor conducting the training told a story of a time in her life that she was struggling with self-image and weight loss. She had three children in four years, a full time job, and so much more. She went to a nutritionist who referred her to a counselor who had one piece of advice- go out and do something you love- just for you. Her story really spoke to me on so many levels.

We all wear so many hats; we are parents, employees, teachers, managers, directors, caregivers; the list could go on forever. As responsible adults, these roles, no matter how much we adore them, take a toll on us. Sometimes the toll is gradual: one day you look back and realize you’re not the same person you were five years ago. Sometimes the toll is abrupt: your responsibilities suddenly shift and you’re overwhelmed. Regardless, we all get so caught up in taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves.

My challenge to you this summer is to try on a new hat. Put on your summer hat. The summer hat means you take time to enjoy yourself, to do the things that make you happy. Read a fun novel, eat popsicles, ride a bike, sit out in the back yard and watch lightening bugs. Rediscover those little things that bring you the moments where you forget the world and all of its demands, and get lost in the bliss. Even if only for a few minutes of summer magic.


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