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MCCAA assists low-income individuals and families, elderly, disabled, children, and unemployed individuals with the goal of empowering them and our communities toward economic independence. Below is a list of accomplishments MCCAA made in reaching this goal in 2017:

• Provided 2,666 low-income elderly and/or disabled individuals with emergency food
• Assisted 5,726 low-income elderly and/or disabled individuals with fuel or utility payments
• Assisted 500 low-income elderly and/or disabled individuals with rent or mortgage payments
• Enabled 2,734 low-income senior citizens to maintain independent living situations
• Enabled 4,884 low-income disabled individuals to maintain independent living situations
• Empowered 274 unemployed individuals to obtain a job
• Assisted 1,105 infants and children to obtain age appropriate immunizations, medical, and dental care
• Improved the health and physical development of 1,105 infants and children as a result of adequate nutrition
• Engaged 629 children in pre-school activities to become developmentally ready to enter kindergarten or first grade
• Assisted 954 parents or other adults in learning or exhibiting improved parenting skills, thereby increasing family functioning skills
• Distributed 12,515 food boxes to low-income senior citizens and disabled individuals (493,907 lbs. of food)

In addition, the Case Management Program of MCCAA helped remove barriers to unemployment by the following:

• Assisted 71 individuals in obtaining skills/competencies required for employment
• Assisted 96 individuals in completing post-secondary education and obtaining certificate or diploma
• Enrolled 730 children in before or after school programs
• Obtained care for child or other dependent for 236 individuals
• Obtained health care services for themselves and/or family members for 63 households
• Acquired or maintained safe and affordable housing for 79 individuals and/or families
• Obtained food assistance for 54 individuals
• Provided non-emergency LIHEAP energy assistance to 15 individuals
• Provided non-emergency WX energy assistance to 14 individuals

Overall, MCCAA provided 11,360 individuals, 5,755 families, 4,889 children, 2,734 senior citizens, and 5,003 disabled individuals with greatly needed assistance in meeting everyday needs and obtaining or maintaining independent living situations.