Community Impact 2019-2020
Education and Cognitive Development
1,399 Children demonstrated improved emergent literacy skills. 1,399 Children demonstrated skills 
for school readiness.
1,399 Children demonstrated positive approaches toward learning, including improved attention 
1,252 Children are achieving at basic grade level (academic, social, and other school success 
1,220 parents/caregivers improved their home environments.
Income, Infrastructure, and Asset Building
90 Individuals achieved and maintained capacity to meet basic needs for 90 days. 73 Individuals 
achieved and maintained capacity to meet basic needs for 180 days.
29 Formerly homeless households obtained safe and affordable housing. 90 Households maintained safe 
and affordable housing for 90 days.
73 Households maintained safe and affordable housing for 180 days. 101 Households avoided eviction.
10 Households avoided foreclosure.
22 Households experienced improved health and safety due to improvements within their home (e.g. 
reduction or elimination of lead, radon, carbon dioxide and/or fire hazards or electrical issues, 
5,180 Households experienced improved energy efficiency and/or energy burden reduction in their 
Health/Social Behavioral Development
2,118 Individuals demonstrated improved physical health and well-being.
1,220 Individuals improved skills related to the adult role of parents/ caregivers.
1,220 Parents/caregivers demonstrated increased sensitivity and responsiveness in their 
interactions with their children.
1,493 Seniors (65+) maintained an independent living situation.
69 Individuals with disabilities maintained an independent living situation.
Civic Engagement and Community Involvement
241 Community Action program participants increased skills, knowledge, and abilities to enable them 
to work with Community Action to improve conditions in the community.
Outcomes Across Multiple Domains
470 Individuals achieved one or more outcomes as identified by the National Performance Indicators 
in various domains.