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Carolyn’s Story – LIHEAP a Lifesaver


Carolyn is a three year resident of a low-income housing development and has received LIHEAP through Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency all three years. She considers LIHEAP a lifesaver! On her income, she could pay her bills but not much else. The credit LIHEAP provides on her electric bill has enabled her, as a single woman, to stretch her pennies much further. Without LIHEAP, she has only about $100 a month left for groceries and other non-recurring bills.

MCCAA has helped Carolyn with food, hygiene products, and prescriptions. She is a firm believer in MCCAA services and promotes them to all of her friends.

“Those who don’t apply for services don’t know what they are missing,” Carolyn says. “All it takes is turning in the paperwork. I can’t understand why people who need help making ends meet won’t apply.”

For senior citizens with no hope of increasing income, LIHEAP and other MCCAA services are a lifesaver, in Carolyn’s opinion. It is well worth the time and effort to complete the paperwork to get the extra help needed. LIHEAP and other MCCAA services have sustained her in her retirement years.



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