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LIHEAP Assistance Makes Christmas Possible


Due to circumstances beyond their control and of no fault of their own, Tammy Sprague and her husband suddenly found themselves as caretakers of five of their grandchildren with no warning or chance to prepare for the overwhelming challenge of parenthood once again. Having to hire an attorney sent them into a financial hole, and the Spragues struggle to make ends meet, despite their double income from two full-time jobs. Tammy needed help, and she knew where to turn.

A few years ago, Tammy and her husband lived in a trailer park, where someone told them about Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency and the LIHEAP assistance for energy bills. She has received LIHEAP and Weatherization services in the past. The Spragues moved into a four bedroom house in Wilson County four years ago. Now facing huge financial challenges, Tammy returned to MCCAA for help. She was recently awarded LIHEAP credit to her electric bill and Weatherization service for her home.

“I don’t know what I’d do without this program right now,” said Tammy. “This will let us have a little bit of a Christmas. Without it, we’d have no Christmas at all.” Tammy gladly assumed responsibility for her grandchildren because it meant they would not have to go into foster care. Her husband’s brother and her daughter step in at times as an additional support for childcare. Tammy tries to work overtime when she can because the children are always needing clothes, school supplies, money for field trips, or other things typical of school aged children. Services from MCCAA have made a huge difference for Tammy’s family and have provided a “hand-up” to get through this tough time.

“This is a wonderful program, and I’m very grateful,” she added.



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