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The Power of a Budget

Case Manager Paula DanielsCase Manager Paula Daniels

A single, disabled mother entered Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency’s Case Management Program in August, 2017. Her monthly Social Security and SSI income was $755.30. Her son had just been sent to prison, and her daughter had an impending court date. The woman had been pouring most of her meager monthly income into her children’s court fees. In addition, this woman was caring for her elderly mother and trying to move closer to her.

After meeting with MCCAA Case Manager Paula Daniels, the woman admitted she had never followed a budgeting plan and was eager to do so. CM Daniels helped her develop a personalized budget, which excluded court fee payments for her grown children and a plan to keep her accountable for her monthly spending. By sticking closely to her new budget, she immediately began saving $30 per month.

The woman had received a Section 8 voucher, and CM Daniels referred her to a local housing authority, where she found housing closer to her mother. With the help of SNAP food program and commodities from MCCAA, she has been able to adhere to her budget and increase her savings to $200-250 per month! Her goal is to have at least $1,000 in her savings account by July and has vowed to CM Daniels she will succeed.

When asked about what area of Case Management impacted her life most, the woman answered, “Learning how to budget and being consistent with budgeting has helped me stay on track with my spending and also pay my bills on time.” CM Daniels succeeded in the overall goal of MCCAA to help make those who are elderly and disabled more self-sufficient. Congratulations, CM Daniels!



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