Karina McMahanA single mom on a budget looks for every way she can save a dime in order to cover expenses from month to month. As Karina McMahan looked at her ever-increasing electric bills during the winter of 2015, she knew she had to do something to cut her energy cost, but she didn’t know just what that something would be until a neighbor told her about the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) with Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency.

Karina works full time and is going to school full time to become a dental assistant. With very little free time on her hands, she was at a complete loss of how to make her home more energy efficient. Once she applied for the WAP program and was approved, a weatherization technician from MCCAA evaluated her property and initiated several things to improve Karina’s home.

First the duct system in Karina’s home was leaking, so the technicians corrected and insulated it. Next, they measured how much air was leaking from the home and performed general air sealing to make the house more air tight. They then insulated pipes within six feet of the water heater and provided pressure relief piping. Since her roof was leaking, they corrected the leaks and included roof fiberglass insulation. They then replaced the bathroom fan to control fresh air in the home and keep it healthy with a fan compliant with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). In addition, they provided proper venting for her dryer and installed new smoke detectors in every bedroom and within 20 feet outside each bedroom. They replaced her HVAC system with a new EnergyStar compliant heat pump system. Finally, the technicians replaced a damaged stud or vent on her drain line to allow waste water to properly flow out of her house. All of the improvements performed were designed specifically to make Karina’s home more energy efficient and create a healthy living space for her and her son.

According to Karina, “angels sent from God” helped her get approved for the program, and she praised the work of all the MCCAA technicians who performed her weatherization. While her former winter electric bills ran well over $300, her current high energy bill runs around $220. She is saving an average of $100 per month in electricity cost due to WAP. She would highly recommend the WAP program to anyone wanting to reduce home energy costs and explained, “You have been a true blessing to me!”

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Karina McMahan Weatherization 4 Karina McMahan Weatherization 

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Karina McMahan Weatherization

Karina McMahan Weatherization