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Women of Weatherization

Andrea Stanley

Andrea Stanley and Dannielle Scott are Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency’s “Women of Weatherization.” As Director of the program, Andrea oversees the daily operations of the program, approves the applications, and approves the checks for each project. She also awards the contracting jobs to small businesses to conduct the weatherization. Dannielle conducts the day-to-day processing of the applications, including coordination with the contractors and ongoing communication with the customers.

Dannielle ScottDannielle Scott

As a part of WAP in TN, Andrea and Dannielle gather information for a radon study conducted by the University of IL. The study – scheduled to continue for the next three years - is seeking to determine the effects weatherization has on radon levels in homes. The study gathered information on WAP cases from May – December, 2017, and will start again in May, 2018. Andrea and Dannielle pick up the equipment, talk to the client about the work being performed, and present the customers with gift cards from the University of IL for participating. Hopefully, the study will help determine further benefits of weatherization and provide more insightful information regarding radon levels and how to reduce them.

Both Andrea and Dannielle agree the best part of their job is hearing customers express sincere gratitude over the wonderful ways MCCAA has been able to help them save money and improve their environments as a result of weatherization. Dannielle often receives phone calls or written notes of appreciation telling the agency how much their life has improved from the adjustments made to their homes.

Their most memorable customer was a family who was approved in 2015. The family had just purchased a new home when the father lost his job. They had four children, and the mother was pregnant with number five. When Andrea and Dannielle received their case, the family had no heat in their home because the HVAC had broken, and they were using space heaters in every room. The children were layered in clothing, yet they still woke up each morning with cold hands and faces.

MCCAA made a number of improvements to the home as a part of the weatherization project. They insulated the attic and ceilings. Since the master bedroom was located over an open garage, they installed a window heat pump in the master bedroom. Due to the large size of the house, they also installed two new HVAC units, sealed the floors and the duct work, and wrapped the hot water heater and pipes. In addition, they installed four smoke alarms, two carbon monoxide detectors, 2 ASHRAE fans, six cover plates on electrical outlets, and re-installed a new downspout and new plastic drain pipe.

Through WAP, this family acquired heat for their home, improved their living environment, and saved money monthly on energy bills. They received a desperately needed “hand-up” from MCCAA to help them during a very difficult time. Upon post-installation inspection, the mother went into labor.

“I’ll never forget them,” said Dannielle. “It has, by far, been the most rewarding part of my job to see this family receive the help they needed. They could not have done this for themselves.”



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